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 Set in the heart of the North Yorshire moors. Dalby Forest has a long history for hosting many types of racing competitions and provides a stunning backdrop for the event.

The Track is one mile of fast sweeping tarmac through the Forest and speeds in excess of 50 mph are to be expected. In 2011 C12 was offficially recorded at 63 MPH !!

The course has high speed off camber corners, made even trickier by the changing light conditions caused by the dense tree cover. Crossing the finish line, carts will be doing around 50 mph and have to be capable of slowing down to a walking pace within 100 metres.

The course is not Suitable For Novelty Carts 













The above graph was produced by Stephen Hall using cartie sim. 

 Scottish Cartie Association


 If any Team has any question regarding the Course or build criteria Contact Us


 The format will be practice runs on Saturday 4th starting at 1 pm

Time trials on Sunday 5th starting at 10 am

There is on site camping for everyone (available Fri/Mon) @ £3.50/person per night

There will be a marquee on the campsite for all the Teams to get together on Saturday night

25 Teams only so first come first served

Entry fee £55 per Team

The Event will be open to Carts, Sidecars

And Gravity Bikes.


 All carts/sidecars built to Belchford/Cadwell/Cairngorm spec will be suitable.

(further details go to Rules page)



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